Frisky Fido is Fun!

Is your dog tired, happy, and content when you get home in the evenings?  My two high-energy terriers are perfectly quiet and well behaved at night because they spend hours running and playing during the day.   If your dog is bouncing off the walls all night, maybe she needs more exercise than she gets from a daily walk around the block or an hour at "dog daycare" in a warehouse somewhere.  Maybe she needs to run and play with other dogs instead of staying home alone all day.

Dogs need exercise every day and they need to socialize with other dogs regularly.  If they don’t get enough exercise and socialization, they tend to develop very difficult behavior problems such as separation anxiety; destructive behaviors like tearing up furniture, digging, or excessive barking; and generally demanding quite a bit of your time and attention.  

​You probably don’t have the time to spend hours exercising and socializing your dog every day. That’s why Frisky Fido is here!  We take your dog to Trail Walks and visits to the Dog Park, and we make the experience easy for you and your dog.  We pick up your pet(s), drive them to a Trail Walk, get them running and playing hard for an hour or more, and then drive them home.  

All of our outings are designed to be fun and stress-free for your dogs.   We pre-screen potential clients, and group compatible dogs together.  We even throw in a few minutes of basic obedience training (positive reinforcement ONLY) to help you have a better relationship with your dog.  Every dog would love to be a Frisky Fido . . . and we love all our Frisky Fido’s right back!  

Frisky Fido is bonded and insured.  Call  Susan at 339-364-1428 for an appointment. 

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