A Whole New Way of Walking the Dog!
Susan and Socrates

Running the trails of a state park Is pure joy for dogs, and chasing rabbits and squirrels through the forest packs more healthy exercise into one hour than running a marathon! Bounding through the underbrush is an intense aerobic workout, and after every Trail Walk you'll have a tired but oh-so-happy dog on your hands!  

The perfect solution for working families and busy people!  Doggie "Playcare" includes a Play Group session, a Trail Walk, and a break for lunch or a nap at midday!  All Frisky Fido services include transportation to and from home, so this is one Doggie Daycare that won't add precious time to your commute!

play groups
Doggie Daycare

​​Our play groups are a perfect way to introduce your dog to off leash play and 

canine socialization in a safe and supervised environment. Dogs race, chase, and wrestle without a leash. Every dog wants an hour of vigorous running and playing instead of a sedate walk around the block! (Fetch, football, and Frisbee included!) 

Framingham Play Groups, Trail Walks, & Doggie Daycare!

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